Dodge Challenger

The 2015 Challenger Shaker Models: Retro Look and Feel

In order to shake things up a bit, Dodge has decided to offer a new line of Challenger models. The new 2015 Challenger Shaker models feature a retro look that has a cold-air grabbing hood scoop, known for making the car shake along with the vibration of the engine. According to Dodge, the new Shaker models will come in three versions, the R/T Shaker, R/T Plus, and the Scat Pack Shaker. The 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker is the deluxe edition, featuring a 485-hp 6.4-liter V8, giving it a whopping 113 hp more than the standard models. Part of the jump in performance is thanks to the cold-air induction scoop […]

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