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Chrysler Cars

Dodge Challenger Shaker Comes with More Powertrain Options for 45th Anniversary Edition

Few cars can make the immediate and impressive statement that the Dodge Challenger Shaker can make. You might not even be able to see it yet, but you’ll hear its massive engines literally shaking the whole car and everything in the vicinity. The Challenger achieves this haughty attitude thanks to a cold-air induction hood scoop, which feeds air to the engine and creates the shaking effect. The Challenger Shaker has now been around for no less than 45 years, and Dodge is honoring that longevity with some special 45th Anniversary Editions of the vehicle. As a muscle car, of course, the best thing to do is simply add more power […]

Big Bucks Spent at Dodge Hellcat Auctions for Elusive Vehicle

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been an enormous success for the automaker, selling at a record pace to the point that Dodge literally started to run out of models. Dodge even ceased new orders of the Hellcat, so it would have some to catch up on the astonishing number of purchases. Of course, this action immediately made the Hellcat that much hotter. In response, some owners of the 2015 Hellcat are now auctioning off their vehicles, to those high-spending consumers who desperately want one but didn’t make the deal with Dodge in time. The roughly $60,000-vehicle is already being sold for prices closer to $100,000 and even higher […]

Fast And Furious Lineup to Feature Dodge Vehicles

We already know that Fast And Furious 7 will be special—or perhaps more bittersweet, in a way. It will be the last movie in the series to feature the late Paul Walker, who died tragically in a car accident in 2013. The actor had been a main character in the films since their inception. Fans will be relieved then to hear that other staples of the series haven’t changed for the seventh installment. We’ve learned that Dominic Toretto will continue to race his favorite ride.  That’s the actor Vin Diesel’s recurring character—and Toretto likes to drive Dodge vehicles. Up until now, Fast And Furious liked to feature classic Dodge cars. […]

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